About Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson

Emma grew up on the South Coast, Australia. 
From a young age she had a lot of energy and was skilled in all sports
she played. Emma went on playing Rugby Union in High School and right into adulthood retiring at 23 from a shoulder injury.
Emma started to practice Yoga over 10 years ago and with her sporting, paramedic experience she was able to teach all over the world. For athletes, rugby players, within retreats and in yoga studios. 
Emma has served in the Royal Australian Navy, as a Medical Sailor and qualified Paramedic since 2010
Emma is all women with very feminine energy, emotionally intelligent, honest, open creative and highly inspiring.
Emma has been building an empire of health, wellness, lifestyle and positivity through Off The Mat with Emma. 
Enjoy Emma’s masterpiece of something endless.


Client Reviews

"Emma is a beautiful soul. Behind her calming, genuine presence is capable and intelligent woman"- John Casey 

"One of the most genuine people there is, motivate, honest and hard working and will smash any goal she sets for herself. I would trust her with anything and I know she'd never let me down. She is hilarious and always willing to have a go at everything and anything. Everything she does is at 100% and won't do half arsed. She brings joy to everyone around you and I'm bloody lucky to have you in my life"- Jim Neville

"Gypsy" - Ellie Breen