What The Virus

Light in Darkness

There is so much going on in the world right now. Altered lifestyles has been forced upon us globally. From daily routines, isolation measures to complete job uncertainty. Whether Australia goes in complete lock down or not we need to continue to adhere to the strict new legislations coming from the government daily.

I feel you

Finding it all a bit too much? Had enough of the same news reports, push up challenges and immunity boosters for sale because I sure have. What can you do about feeling this way? YOU have the ability to change the pattern.



I will go through a couple of ideas to keep you feeling on track and most of all motivated through this strange time.  
  • Routine
A daily routine will keep you accountable and feeling secure. Normally you may have a routine to get ready for work or getting up and going to the gym. Finding a new routine will be uncomfortable but once you have it you will not regret it. Making up a weekly calendar and having a set time you wake up and go to bed is a great start. Stick to your times! Then add more things you will stick to. Mine looks like this; 7am get up, make the bed and have a glass of water, breakfast and in bed NLT 9:30PM. Don't add too much or set yourself up to fail.
  • Take a social media break
This is a big one. This includes Instagram to Facebook and everything inbetween. It is full of FAKE news and can increase feelings of anxiety or depression. Another option rather than deleting the app is following only positive accounts. 
  • Journal
Alright, for some this isn't a vibe. Totally respect that. I personally could not recommend this act more and that is above making tik toks. Daily, I complete 4 questions in my journal and here they are;
1 What made me happy
2 What I learnt
3 I am grateful for
4 Tomorrow I am going to 

Second last

  • Get creative
Bake, get in the garden, paint, draw, sing, put a smiley face in your breakfast, or leave a note on the mirror, try on outfits in your wardrobe and give it a clean out. Find a makeup tutorial or DIY home ideas. Just have fun with it. My personal favourite is to go wild find new music and dance! Start your day on positive vibes.


Stay Healthy

I don't mean start making an at home workout routine VLOG. We have enough floating around at the moment. Here are some professional platforms;
1:1 with Emma - Coaching & wellness online
AAPTIV- Trainer app
Barre & Co - with Claudia FNQ locally owned and run
Centr - By Chris Hemsworth Trainers are coaching the workouts not Chris
Healthy Mind
Staying healthy also means a healthy mind and here are some websites that have 24 hour hotlines and are amazing resources. 
We are all in this together and that's why we need to keep positive and motivated. Share your ideas on how you are keeping yourself in routine and on track. If you want to do a tik tok you go right ahead...I am actually addicted to watching it. 
Stay healthy, Stay positive and Stay strong

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