What to wear in Bali

You're off to Bali & have no idea what to pack. Besides the 12 pairs of swimming trunks, 20 pairs of bikini sets and Yoga Apparel. What else do you need? This is a guide on what to pack. This should have you fully covered on what to wear and where to shop while on vay-cay in Tropical paradise, Bali.

Priorities: Yoga, Sun & Shopping 

Starting from most important;

1. Yoga Apparel

Off The Mat with Emma was designed for this. An apparel line formulated to sustain travel, durability, absorbency and above all have a luxurious feel. 

2. Sunscreen min 30+

Doesn't seem like a great necessity but if you did your research on , taking mosquito born virus medication the risk of UV exposure is increased. Yes, you can buy it from most minimarts but it actually will cost you more in Bali than in Australia so stock up. 

3. Hair Conditioner 

Again, mini marts do have it but it's not quite the quality we have here. If you're going to be in the pool or ocean make sure you protect your locks. If you're a blonde bombshell and use a toner, pack your purple shampoo as it is non existent. Leave your hair straighteners at home ladies. It's hair in a bun, a pony or down and natural. Big fan of a matching scrunchy! For the guys pack as many hats as you want. You’ll need them.

4. Runners

If you're as active and adventurous as I am, you will need a good pair of runners. From an early sunrise hike of Mount Batur, running away from thieving monkeys in the Monkey Forest, Ubud to shopping in Seminyak. Not to forget walking from your villa to Old Mans in Canggu. It's an investment to keep your feet happy.

5. Linen

I don't mean packing bed sheets. Any clothing types made from linen will be your best friend in Bali. Light weight in your luggage, super absorbent and easy to put on after you get out of the pool or surf. If you don't have a playsuit or pants, I suggest going to the markets Love Anchor Canggu which are open 7 days a week.  

Everything else you can buy! 

Best shopping districts in order;

1. Seminyak

2. Canggu

3. Uluwatu

are all a must.

Remember be polite, say good morning (Selamat pagi), thank you (Terima kasih) and good bye (Selamat tinggal). Have a wonderful time and stay respectful always.


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