What happens in Cairns stays in Cairns

Well I’m finally back home in Sydney, after what was meant to be 5 weeks turned into 5 months. I swear each time I go to Cairns I’m a different person. I will soon say why this time!
This blog will tell you everything I managed to get up to whilst in Cairns and at sea. My Instagram story’s gave you snap shots but here are all the juicy details and some of my recommendations!

I first landed in Cairns in May, was picked up by an amazing friend who her and I would be living together at sea and home for the next five months. We knew each other from another ship almost 5 years ago. In true style we went to the salt house for dinner and then as most people do ended up at Gilligans night club. It was the best night and I met so many people! I was just so damn happy. As you can tell Cairns had no lock downs or restrictions!

Having nights out wasn’t the only reason I was in Cairns, as you may know I’m in the Navy and I went up to help a boat who needed a medic. I had a week before we sailed to explore Cairns & I was taken out on a couple of dates which was nice too. Highly recommend Vitalias which is an authentic Italian restaurant on the water front. I also went to Palm Cove and Port Douglas for burgers at N17 which are the best!
During the 5 weeks at sea I was primarily the medic but I was able to teach yoga, run physical group classes and we traveled down the east coast of Australia. We had a weekend in Newcastle and watched whales down in Jervis Bay. It went really quick but everyday I was being swept off my feet in messages by a new friend I had met that first night in Cairns.

The 5 weeks at sea past and I was back in Cairns but asked to stay longer on the ship as boarders were closing around the nation due to COVID-19. I said yes and started making the most of the time. After many more dates with my new friend it was obvious we really liked one another. We went over to Fitzroy Island which I loved and wished I stayed one night. Many food dates, a day trip out on the Great Barrier reef and a day at Hartleys crocodile farm. We loved our adventures together so I arranged a little trip away to Magnetic Island which we hired a car and drove the four hours down, we stayed in a beautiful villa with my family who were able to meet this new person in my life.
Time past from May to September and I was eager to get home, be around my things and get home to Charles. This whole time I was away I had a beautiful house sitter who I found on Aussie House which is a super reliable website & I’m so grateful for. I took myself on a self care day and had my hair done at Berry Lane, started having the goodbye dinners with friends and trying not to think about the fact I’m leaving a lot behind.
I did leave and things slowly started shifting. The hardest moment was when I saw sad faces at the airport & we hugged goodbye. For some reason I also knew this was the last hug. I truely loved every minute of what it was and had in Cairns!
I have now been home in Sydney for 3 weeks & it has been so busy also very confronting. Going from full freedom to full lockdown, daily rapid antigen testing and on a ship three times the size of what I’ve ever known. The first two weeks I was taking over another ship so it was a lot to take in! The third week I was learning more of the ship layout and what I need to do if a fire or any other emergencies occur. 
I’m definitely more settled now and I have my routine. I’m also being flooded with messages from friends checking in on me daily. It’s the good morning messages that make me smile!
I feel this trip was needed, I love that I get to experience things that I probably would never had done especially in this lock down climate. I am proud that I said so many yes’s and allowed myself to not think into the future and just enjoy the now. I was able to create memories and I’m the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I stayed honest to myself, my wants, my needs and who I am as a person. This 5 month trip has taught me to love, take risks, respect and live in the moment. 
This life is an adventure if you let it,
lots of love 

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  • This post makes me happy, I don’t really know u that well but if we crossed paths again you be someone I called friend. X


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