Mount Batur Sunrise Hike

Everything You Need To Know

What to pack, experiences at the peak of Volcano, Views and recommended company.

Sunrise Mount Batur Hiking

What you need to pack-

  • Warm Jacket - Or you can Hire them like I am wearing in the picture for 75,000 Rp=$7.50 AUS each
  • Full water bottle
  • Griped shoes or hiking boots
  • Camera or Phone
  • Cash max 50,000 Rp Per Person=$5 AUD for water, toilet use 10,000 Rp=$1 AUD and snacks or blankets at the top (prices can change)

The Journey Begins

Depending on where you are in Bali, depends on what time the hike begins. As myself being in Canggu it began at 01:30 am. It is a two hour drive to Mount Batur and you are greeted by a local guide. The Hike will begin around 03:15 am, in the dark and the terrain is quite steep, rocky, uneven and visibility is by using your hand held flash light provided. 


Amazing view of the moon above the clouds.


Here is Putu (child number two), a beautiful and happy 20 year old local who hikes Mount Batur everyday. She did stop to pray at a sacred Temple along the way which was in itself an honour to experience.




Here is a photo of myself and our guide Putu. 

I'm All The Way Up

Depending on your hiking ability, it can take between 1.5-2 hours to reach the summit. Putu took us on a advance route away from most tourists and motor bikes. Starting at a balmy 20 degrees at the bottom, temperatures dropping to around 10 degrees at the top with strong winds all year round.

A local woman had blankets to hire at the top, which I took full advantage of and we had breakfast before the sunrise began. Breakfast provided hit the spot. With sliced banana sandwiches and cooked eggs from the hot steam of the volcano. I didn't eat my egg but I did put it to good use though as a little heat pack.

 This was the hot steam cave.

Like A Sunrise

Then the magic happened around 06:25 am the sun began to rise, it is tough to get a clear candid photo as you soon see how many people are at the top. There are many tours that offer motor bike transfers to get those who can't hike to the top. I loved that idea as it is just so spectacular. 

A great tour shared with Kirby Knowles from Melbourne 

How To Book

There are two choices I would recommend;

#1- Bali Trekking Exploration -This is the exact tour company in pictures. There are options to combine the tour with Hot Springs and Coffee Plantation all inclusive. With our pick up in Canggu, you can ask for other locations in Bali. It includes a clean private shuttle, great service by our driver named Yoga and being a total of 1.300,000 Rp=$130 AUD for two people you can't say no. The hot springs was a great idea at the end. A last minute opt-out was made on the plantation tour and we arrived back in Canggu by 11am.

#2-Bali Trekking Batur- This tour has a buffet breakfast at the end and additional charges for Hot Springs and Plantation Coffee visit. For hike alone is 1.660,000 Rp=$166 AUD for two people. Though also a great company. 

#3- Self guided tour- You can do it on your own but I am a big fan of supporting local businesses. If you add up a self guided tour plus the amount of hassling you get on the way up. I would suggest to book through a local company as you wont save much. 

Sum-mit up 

Overall I would rate this a must do while in Bali if physically possible. It's a beautiful mountain escarpment view, above the clouds and it's something photos aren't needed for as the memory is magical in itself. 

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