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Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters- angel Kyodo Williams 
It's everywhere but what exactly is it, is it all a marketing campaign or is it something we have just got too busy for!
We have hit the month of October and in Australia it is the season of spring. Surely, you have been noticing flowers blooming, warmer weather approaching and the marketing of inner health booming.
Why? Because Spring is the season of cleansing. You know, shaking off the layers (literally and metaphorically speaking) from winter and move lighter into spring to summer. Spring is the season of detoxification, from people, homes, work and food/alcohol or whatever that might mean to you 
So...What is inner health & how can you do it?

1. Nutrition

It is what you put in your mouth!
Digestive health is huge and what you put in your mouth will affect your mental and physical health. (1) After all our stomach is also referred to being our second brain so why not fuel it as such. This month try being predominantly plant based. Do not fret, I am not asking you to be vegan, vegetarian or anything else. All I want to say is just try to be more mindful of where your food has come from. Avoid packets, bottles and refined goods. Touch, smell and feel your foods.
To feel more grounded enriched in nutrients try foods from the ground, the trees and from the sea. 
To feel lighter try foods of bright colours, berries, leafy greens, lemons, watermelon and cucumbers! I have also turned to Vitable use code (OTMWE50) 50% OFF 1st month with Vitable (no commitment)

2. Mindfulness

This could be as simple as sitting and try the three step method;
Three things I hear 
Three things I can smell
Three things I see 
Try this as the first thing you do when you wake up, when you go for a walk or while you're eating.

3. Kindness

Do not speak or think a bad thing about a situation, a person or a lifetime. If you find yourself talking bad thoughts about someone else, that is a true reflection on how you would talk about yourself. SO treat everyone with the respect you would yourself. 

4. Time alone

This is where the magic happens. Allow yourself time, to find likes, dislikes and creativity. Explore yourself and others. It is okay to be alone and it is okay to feel lonely. To find inner health you need inner peace and being in your own company is apart of the process. 


Step out as who you want to be seen as. 
As a child I was told do not be yourself, heavily medicated with Ritalin or Dexamphetamines. I was diagnosed with ADD from the age of 8 and this suppression of true character had huge effects. My adult self to my child self says you are perfect the way you are. So wherever you are in life right now, what would you tell your child self and how do you dare to be seen as. 
Remember you are doing the best you can, enjoy the process and find your inner peace to Inner health. 

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