don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Does anyone even know?

Some people follow in the footsteps of parents or they aspire to be someone completely different but they just know! Even when it comes to relationships, you see the ones who met in high school have kids and are so in love still 15 years later.


Most people like myself who knew who they were as a person just have no idea what to go for and just go with what comes along for so long. This can be from jobs, lovers and even having children. I grew up in a very multicultural all inclusive childhood. Very active and incredibly adventurous. We had a caravan and ski boat on the South Coast which we went to most weekends. No one was different in my eyes or singled out by the way they looked or where they came from. Everyone was family.


1990-I was born on the 27th of December in Wollongong, NSW and adopted the title chosen child
1993-Grew up water skiing on the riverbed of Shoalhaven, NSW I was dubbed the youngest barefoot rider
1998- The only grandmother I had with views like drinking too much tea would give you elephant skin passed away I was 8 years old
2000- Two family relatives were adopted into our family Taylah and Cooper. We went from a family of 5 to a family of 7
2001- We moved from a tiny 3 bedroom home into a two story 5 bedroom house in Shellharbour. We also said goodbye to the Caravan! I started TAFE and completed studies in cert 3 in Fitness. 
2004- I was employed at 14 as a ride attendant at Jamberoo Action Park, "where you control the action" which I stayed for many years 
2010- I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Medic
2013- I qualified in Enrolled Nursing
2015- A severe shoulder injury and reconstruction directed me towards Yoga and gave me the safety blanket I needed.
2016- The toll took over them both and my parents separated. 
2017- I graduated a Bachelors degree in Paramedicine 
2018- The Yoga journey began and I left Australia for Bali.
2019- Right now, fast forward through all this and here I am sharing it all to you.


There are many tiny facets between each year which has moulded the person you see today. From heartbreak, abuse and grief, happiness, adventure and love but I am still observing growth more and more everyday. I have learned to love the person I am regardless of who I compare myself to and I still compare! I recognise when I need to take time alone, to look inward which is a big part of the "who am I?" journey. I have learned not to run off with ideas or thoughts by meditating and staying focused. I have learned to be confident in myself so a sense of standard is projected in the now and for future me. Even if that means saying "NO" or leaving.


Keep going, do not let anyone's opinions or energy bring your sense of self down.
If you find yourself confused and emotions aren't aligned then STOP take a break, turn your phone off and all socials. Just be, write or make voice memos. Find your true desires and nothing can stand in your way. 
Lots of love  




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