I don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Here's the short version timeline of my life;

1990-I was born on the 27th of December in Wollongong, NSW and adopted the title chosen child.

1993-Grew up waterskiing on the riverbed of Shoalhaven, NSW I was dubbed the youngest barefoot rider.

1998- The only grandmother I had with views like drinking too much tea would give you elephant skin died.

2000- Two family relatives were adopted into our family of 3 and turned us into the distorted family of 7.

2001- We moved from the 3 bedroom home into the unaffordable house. There was a sacrifice and it was the childhood happy place. We said goodbye to the Shoalhaven riverbed as it was sold.

2004- I was employed at 14 as a ride attendant at Jamberoo Action Park, "where you control the action". 

2006- This was when I was stripped of my choice, of my body and the battle started with constant self abuse and no one knew. Or still don't know. 

2007-Thought I should grow up because everyone in my town was and moved out of home. Then straight into a manipulative hell.

2010- The escape plan was given to me and I joined the Royal Australian Navy.

2013- My heart was shattered into smithereens by the ones I love the most.

2015- A severe shoulder injury and reconstruction directed me towards Yoga and gave me the safety blanket I needed.

2016- The toll took over them both and my parents separated. 

2017- I graduated a bachelors degree and felt it was an irrelevant piece of paper.

2018- The Yoga journey began and I left Australia for Bali.

2019- Right now, fast forward through all this and here I am sharing it all to you.

This isn't everything, there would be no point in me continuing if it was. Nor is it a self help post or a one stop shop guidance counselling session. I want to show you how you can find yourself through it all and make your passions into your life journey. When you don't know what you want to be all grown up.



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