How to become a Yoga Teacher under 30 days

You have seen how Yoga changes lives, you want to become a

Yoga Teacher 

Ask yourself these 5 simple points;

1- What kind of Yoga do you want to learn,
2- How much time is available to me,
3- Where am I willing to travel to,
4- Do I know anyone who has done this course,
5- How much am I willing to spend.


A best friend slipped a note reminding me life's importance

Do your homework people

 A clear google search was done; 
"how to become a certified Yoga Teacher" and I wish I knew half the stuff I know now. 

Here is everything researched & why the Yoga Teacher Training course was chosen using the 5 point system.

1- A course that educates on all styles, was not run of the mil, needs to be away from big cities, to be relatively isolated and had above all had cultural elements associated to it. 

2- To be able to teach Yoga as a Qualified Yoga Teacher;

*minimum 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification is required. 

There are many YTT courses ranging from 30 day intensive to 12 months part-time. The 30 day intensive was most appealing, as time was limited from work commitments and Visa requirements.

3- India was a choice and identifiably by its price. It might look the cheapest initially but costs quickly start add up. Flights, transfers, accommodation, food and currency. Acknowledging India was the birth place of Yoga it "seemed" to be the right path. Then to be warned, avoid going alone from cultural differences it became the second deterrent. Feeling safe and secure while I study was a self promise. My options narrowed down from three options India, Byron Bay and Nusa Lembongan to two.

4- Not knowing anyone who had studied in Byron Bay, a quick look at the website closed that idea. It is very wordy, overwhelming with information and designed like a child colouring-in book. Which has no reflection on the course itself though it just had no incentives for an investment to be made.

5- With my own budget ranging $1,000-$3,000 AUD, the last 5 step it came to an unanimous decision and I visited Santosha website. *Note 200hr YTT courses in Australia can range between $3,000-$10,000 AUD.




This is the exact seven minute video, I watched in 2018. It answered many questions *google couldn't answer.  

Days Like This

Santosha 200hr YTT

What to expect -

Days start with sunless mornings, at 06:00am and ends when the sun glistens its way over the clear blue ocean and into the horizon.

Where to stay - 

The accommodation sought needed to be close and have breakfast daily. There are many options to chose from; on the doorstep of Santosha, villas and guest houses. Websites recommended; Booking, Airbnb, Agoda & even easier use the Santosha website. This is the Beach Hello Huts and ticked the boxes.

Classes -
During the day, lessons open up conversations about all topics, discussions from men & women and from all around the world. Teachers allow it and then with an alluring abundance of knowledge they lead the group in the right direction every time. Other Teachers taught Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Nidra, Laughter Yoga, meditation and much more. 

Your senses are delighted and overwhelmed with nature throughout your days; from the ocean, flowers and fresh food being prepared for your post Yoga feed in the cafe below at Ginger and Jamu. 

Exams -

It is hard, challenging, demanding but opportunistic. Exams are mentally tough but with the help of your fellow classmates and teachers you will experience why it is so.

Somedays are tough & some better when greeted by dazzling local dogs 

A Graduation Experience Like No OtherFeel like the highest achievement imaginable

Being liberated and encouraged onto self discovery, the final assessment complete was celebrated highly in Yoga style.  


Class of October 2018

I'am very grateful to Santosha & want you to experience it too.

By Gifting $100 AUD *conditions apply 

 Find Out How 

Thank you Santosha Family

Off The Mat with Emma


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