How I lost 5kg


January 2020- I snapped, I reached breaking point and said enough. I am not happy and am eating my feelings. A friend suggested I start a food journal, I was shocked because I was forgetting about the food I was eating in the middle of the night!

This is me in January 2020, I was smoking a packet + cigarettes a week, drinking and not exercising at all. After losing my Mum in December I clearly took a complete 360.

When I saw this photo I just cried. I thought what have I done to myself. This was the day I decided I AM WORTHY and enough is enough. The smoking stopped along with the drinking. Now look at my body in May 2020!! >>>>

What did you do to start? 

1-Food Journaling- I used the old school way, pen a piece of paper. Wrote everything I ate in a day. I didn't change a thing because I needed to see what I was doing. 

2-Started a routine-It goes like this; Wake up 0530, drink water, shower, have the same breakfast, do my make-up, write in my journal and get out the door. 

3-Food-I started ordering food from Youfoodz weight loss menu. I did the 7 days Lunch and Dinners meal plan. Breakfast has been the same everyday; Alpine low carb toast with peanut butter and an almond latte, snack has been aussie low carb protein bar, lunch youfoodz meal, afternoon snack of tuna/shake or fruit and another youfoodz dinner. I used Myfitness pal app to track calories and bought a Garmin for that level up!

4-Exercising! You can see in my previous Blog "what the virus", I mentioned a couple of fitness apps. I went with Centr Fit by Chris Hemsworth and I LOVE IT. I move my body every day and exercise at the same time at 5pm. I run once a week now, I could not run at all because my breasts would knock me out. Now I can run 8ks and feel like I can keep going. 

5-Mindfulness and stress reduction- I talk to a therapist, a qualified holistic psychologist from Melbourne. We have been talking regularly for about a year. At first I hated seeing him because I felt worse after our appointments. Now a year on, I have worked through a lot of things and self manage my emotional reactions, our conversations are like two friends talking. 

6-HAVE FUN WITH IT- My girlfriends and I started a group chat called "Looking good naked", each week we give ourselves 3 goals, 1 fitness and 2 personal and send through our daily burn from Fitbit or Garmin. (highly recommend getting something like this to track) On Fridays we send in our measurements and weight. We are our biggest motivator and only give each other positive vibes.

That was it and I am the healthiest I have been in years, I haven't beat up my body, starved myself, drank apple cider or been so tired I don't want to do it all again. I get excited to wake up everyday!


That is my Friday transformation






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