Emma's Fashion Tips

What do I wear?
Not sure on what to wear, what to put together or what is your style!
Here are 3 easy looks to try

Look #1

The oversized blazer-
Hands down this is one of my favourites. You look professional, meaning business and classy, you can dress it up with a belt or scarf. This is a go to for a meeting, full day shopping, dinner and drinks. Try out brands like Zara, The Iconic, Decjuba and PLT.

Look #2

The  Black & White jeans casual look-

Both a fun and edgy  look. These jeans are from Saba and both tops and shoes are from PLT. Hot tip; since losing some cms off my waist I use the leopard scarf as an accessory to cinch the jeans to fit and create a nicer shape.

Look #3


Add chains, necklaces, sunglasses, handbags and shoes that match your top. It gives a look character and actually shows you care.


I hope you liked some of these looks. Check out my Instagram @offthemat_withemma for more styles and ideas. Have fun, see what you feel comfortable in and enjoy being creative!





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