Coping with the death of a parent

Take the time, for you

Who would have thought especially with the momentum I was leading this could happen. I surely didn’t! Passion and love was my driving force, to lead a life full of giving and never needing to receive. Taking time has come at a harsh reality check. 

On the 6.12.2019 in far North Queensland at around 7pm my beloved mother had lost her life in a car crash. My family; Father, oldest Sister and older Brother had immediately drove from Sydney to Melbourne. At 8pm the next night the door bell rang and it was the day before launching Yoga on Safety Beach. It was immediate delight, a surprise to see my family. That was until I saw their faces of grief and disbelief. I don’t remember much after that but screaming. The sensations of immediate nausea and anger enraged my body. Then confusion sunk in especially remembering I had just talked with her the day before. Congratulating her on a property she longed for and talking about our future. We talked about balancing my life with Yoga and the Navy. She was just so damn proud of me.

The next morning was the Yoga on Safety Beach launch and I didn’t even think twice. I set up and began to teach a class dedicated to my Mum.

I haven’t been able to teach since.

I didn’t think at 28, I would be planing a funeral, I didn’t think I wouldn’t hear my mothers voice again and I didn’t think having Christmas without her would be a thing. Not having you here to zip up my wedding dress, seeing my first born or telling me how beautiful I am.

Year six formal

The Henderson Family (Brooke, Gregg, Dad, Mum, Me)

I’m not the only one who has lost and I can’t be selfish to say the least. Though I knew I needed time. Time to surrender to my thoughts and process life without her in it. For now I will be returning home, back to family and back to friends. Seeking guidance and a safe space to let it all go.

I will come back and more inspired than before... 

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