Are you really Vegan?

Time and time again I have been asked why am I vegan. 

As soon as I reply that I have been Vegan for six years it's as if the person asking the question has validation. Being Vegan and having a choice, my choice is why I chose to not consume or conform to social "norms".

I was brought up in a very big meat eating family. Traditional Australians, one meat and three veg style. Though I was the kid that would refuse to eat the meat and finish all the veg. What I didn't like about meat was the texture, the flavour, the after math of stomach aches and low moods. As a child I  was diagnosed with ADD, I knew all these symptoms was my body rejecting meat itself and animal byproducts. Once I hit my teenage years I became a vegetarian because that was the only definition of the way I wanted to eat. Then in my late teens I met with a close friend. Keep in mind I was a mature young teen and had many older friends. This friend in particular and her family exposed me to the word Vegan. Her Husband was Vegan and her two children were too. Obviously curious and encouraged by my friends, it lead me to many online resources and one that hit me the most was a spokesman named James Aspley. He started the Vegan movement in Australia, by going 365 Days without speaking in protest for the voiceless animals victims.

Being Vegan isn't about being what you consume, what you protest or what you wear. Being Vegan is about living a life of compassion, mindfulness, respect and advocacy to not only yourself but others. I chose not to eat any animal byproducts and which I call myself a Vegan. By just cutting out all animal products in my digestion regime, my concentration increased, I am able to have energy all day and I feel like I am contributing to my own choice of digestive, colourful food pleasure. Even becoming a consumer Vegan was hard at first. I felt initially outcasted by my family and friends. I couldn't go to restaurants I would have normally liked to go to with them. I was only eating salads, nuts and grains. Then in 2018 the tables had turned and people were listening to the consumers. Some of my favourite restaurants started to incorporate vegan options. There was times where I would leave a restaurant because its not fair that all they have as a Vegan option was chips. Vegan recipes starting popping up in book stores, websites, blogs and Instagram. There are even Vegan markets being held in local communities to raise awareness of alternative lifestyles. Hey, I am no Vegan angel. I do have clothes, house items and makeup that still have animal byproducts in them. My car seats are even leather. Does this make me a Non-Vegan?

My choice is of no one else. Everyday I like to see what vegan options have surfaced. If you think you might miss meat then you'll miss meat. If you want to do it because you want to make an impact then do your damn best. At the end of the day the only person that cares what goes into your mouth is you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Eat how you want, dress how you want and PRACTICE YOGA HOW YOU WANT. 




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