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"Yoga can be anywhere you just need to know how to find it"

Emma Kate Henderson

A modern realist with unique and rare talents. Invest your trust in her capabilities and recommendations. Emma invigorates a positive mindset enabling recovery encouraging personal growth.



Emma has such a beautiful, calm and grounded personality and it really shines through in her yoga classes. Every class has such a personal touch, and I couldn’t recommend her high enough. Get in touch with Em if your looking to feel more grounded, calm and for better flexibility and overall fitness.


I attended the launch class with Emma and absolutely loved it! It was such a gorgeous setting on a wonderful Sunday morning. I felt so calm and recentered after my session, which isn't easily achieved for me with such an overactive mind. Really looking forward to regularly attending Emma's classes - perfect start to me week


Emma is one passionate big soul who lives and breaths what she does. As soon as you meet her her vibe rubs off on you ♡